What is Medxtra?

Medxtra is – Medical Xtra. We are a Lead Generating Platform that uses the best in Mobile, App and Web Technology to make sure that you get access to the best and most genuine health products, with the highest savings in the shortest time possible. We believe that everyone should have access to good health, and that technology has a huge role to play in it.

Is Medxtra a pharmacy?

No, Medxtra is only a Lead Generation Platform. Simply put, we are just a platform that connects you to your local pharmacy or registered vendor for the services you have opted for.

How does it work?

Simply place an order using our App/Website/Costumer Care No (8081645545)WhatsApp (8896608939) Upload a valid prescription in case of prescribed medicines or let us know (Over The Counter non prescribed) medicines our pharmacy partners will deliver your order right at your doorstep.

How much time do you take to deliver?

We deliver your medicines same day if order is placed by 12:00 am. Orders placed post 12:00 am will be delivered next day.

Which locations do you deliver to?

Medxtra currently delivers in Lucknow only. We will soon be expanding our service in all the other major cities. Stay tuned.

How do I pay?

You can pay through Cash on Delivery (COD) to the delivery personnel.

How much discount do I get?

We offer flat 15% discount on the medicines which includes flat invoice discount on prescribed medicine, On OTC product we offer upto 10% discount which includes flat invoice discount too.

Are there any delivery charges?

There are no delivery charges. Yes, you heard us right and there is no minimum order amount to get free delivery.

So, how will I get my medicines?

The prescription that you provide to us is passed on to a pharmacy in your vicinity. The sale of medicines is governed by various laws, which necessitate that the sale be carried on only by a pharmacy having a valid license, under the supervision of a pharmacist on the basis of a valid prescription by a registered medical practitioner.

Hence, as per these laws - your prescription is passed on the local pharmacy, who will verify its authenticity, and based on the same - provide medicines to you.

Do you deliver medicines in emergency situations?

The network and pharmacies for whom we act as lead generation platforms, take pride in our quick service times, Medxtra is NOT to be used in emergency situations. Please visit your nearest hospital or call on 108 for Emergency Medical Services.

Why do I need a prescription to get medicines on Medxtra?

Sale of drugs is covered under various laws. Government of India has mandated compulsory prescription for certain medicines. While some pharmacies might entertain your orders without prescription, we do not let the pharmacies in our network entertain orders without prescriptions, and all lead generations are only on the basis of a valid prescription. This ensures you receive the correct medication.

What is an ideal prescription?

An ideal prescription should at least have the following things clearly visible:

  • 1. Doctor's Details (Name / Degree / Registration Number)
  • 2. Patients Name
  • 3. Date of Prescription
  • 4. Dosage of Medicines
  • 5. Doctor's Signature

Please note that this is only for guidance and doesn't guarantee the delivery of medicine. The final decision on accepting or rejecting a prescription will be taken by our partner pharmacy who has the legal license to do so.

If I upload a prescription, will my order be confirmed immediately?

No, merely uploading a prescription does not mean confirmation of your order. As a lead generation platform, we only connect you to the pharmacy - which may after due verification of credentials and your prescription - confirm your order. As a further addition in the process for fulfillment, our partner retailer would require your original prescription for validation and verification. The same would be returned at the time of delivery of products ordered.

You are requested to view the terms and conditions of use available for viewing on this site, which clearly state Medxtra is a lead generation platform - and it does not intend to sell, purchase, store or distribute any pharma product - and nor does any communication contained here constitute a legal offer for sale.

Can I just buy another substitute medicine on my prescriptions?

Yes, you can buy other substitutes if you prescription lists the salt names instead of a brand name. In fact, you must engage with the pharmacy, and seek counsel of the pharmacist who will call you to help you better understand your medication. You can always encourage your doctor to write salts name on your prescription instead of a specific brand name.

Can I get a different dosage other than what is mentioned in the Prescription?

No, Medicines will be provided as per prescription. Quantity of medicines provided will be not more than that mentioned on the prescription. Self-prescribed medicines will not be provided.

Where can I check my order status?

You will receive regular update about your order via Call & SMS. You can also track your order from your placed section. If there is any delay or change in your order, our customer care will call and inform you.

What is Medxtra's cancellation policy?

Medxtra is a Lead Generation Platform and the actual invoicing, sale, dispensation and delivery of medicines is done by a registered pharmacy in your vicinity. As part of the general guidelines provided by these pharmacies - You can cancel your order till they ship it. Orders once shipped cannot be cancelled.

How do I know the medicines delivered are authentic?

While we take the utmost care in selecting our channel partners, the product is being supplied directly by the vendors associated with the Company and the Vendor concerned shall solely be responsible for the authenticity and genuineness of the product so ordered. Please check your products before accepting them. Having said this, we have put all our vendors through rigorous checks and periodically audit their activities to ensure that you always get the very best!

Where does Medxtra obtain the information on medicines?

We have tied up with pharmacies, who have multiple qualified pharmacists onboard who scan thousands of products to provide you the relevant and useful information about your medicines. We periodically review and update the information you use. Please read our Terms & conditions to understand your responsibilities and liabilities.

Which Medicines do we not deliver?

We do not deliver medicines like Schedule X Drugs, Narcotic Drugs and Drugs which are banned by the FDA.

What is monthly refill?

Manage your monthly re-orders by just few steps:

  • 1. Pick a date you want your medicines to be delivered every month.
  • 2. We will call to confirm your medicines before they are delivered.
  • 3. As always flat 15% off and free home delivery.
Do I pay extra for monthly refills?

No, there is no extra charge.

Can I update the quantities of medicines during my refill period?

Yes, before processing every order we will confirm the quantities with you.

Can I change my monthly refill date?

Yes, you can call our customer care at 8081645545 or email us at info@medxtra.in and we will change the date for you.
Note: Delivery of medicines via monthly refills will require prescription pickup

What is Medxtra's Return policy? How does it work?

Medxtra's return policy gives you an option to return the medicines purchased via Medxtra within 7 days of receipt of the medicines. Copy of the invoice/bill from our partner retailers will be verified at the time of collection of returned medicines. We will provide you with a credit note, equivalent to the amount paid for that medicine at the time of purchase. The credit note will be valid for a year and can be used on your next purchase from Medxtra. Credit note is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

How can I return medicines?

Call our customer care at 8081645545 and provide your order ID.

Can I return any medicine?

Medicines which have been opened, partially used or disfigured are not eligible for returns. Also, Medicines which need refrigeration cannot be returned once delivered. Please check the package carefully at the time of deliver